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Economics revealed - economicsrevealed.co.uk 

Great links to information, video tutorials and blog - subscribe for more information.

HM Treasury -


UK government website for the economy, taxation and expenditure - information, data and more.

European Union - europa.eu

The official EU website with links to all the various departments including agriculture, regional development, etc.

BBC - bbc.co.uk

A direct link to the BBC's excellent coverage of the economy on their news website - also check out Stephanie Flanders' blog.

Bized -


Originally set up at Bristol University, Bized has some great stuff for students and teachers including tests, revision notes and a glossary.

Bank of England - www.bankofengland.co.uk

The UK's central bank - information on monetary policy, financial stability, the MPC, interest rates and inflation.

OECD - oecd.org

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is a major international organisation which monitors the world economy and produces reports on investment, trade flows, economic development, etc.

RBS - rbs.com

Direct link to the Royal Bank of Scotland's excellent economic reports which are free to subscribe to - well worth a look.

Tutor2u -


Loads of revision notes, tests and more with stuff to buy for teachers and students.

Competition Commission - competition-commission.org.uk

A branch of the UK government responsible for competion policy - interesting examples here of monopoly, oligopoly, collusion, competitive markets, etc.

European Central Bank - ecb.eu

The website for the Eurozone's central bank with reports, data and more on the Euro and European monetary policy.

New Economics Foundation - neweconomics.org

An organisation which looks at economics in a less traditional way - check out their Happy Planet Index.

Topmarks -


Useful website with various resources.

Institute of Fiscal Studies - www.ifs.org.uk

Independent organisation looking at fiscal policy and its effects on the UK economy including studies on the impact of government spending and taxation on different groups.

CIA factbook - cia.gov

The US Central Intelligence Agency produces an online factbook which gives data on all the countries of the world - some useful fact and figures here.

The Guardian - guardian.co.uk

Direct link to the economics section of this centre-left newspaper - useful articles and opinions here.

Economics network - economicsnetwork.ac.uk

Focused  more on higher education so good for more high level stuff.

National Statistics - statistics.gov.uk

Direct link to the economy section of the UK National Statistics site - just about every bit of data you'll ever wish to look at (and more).

IMF - imf.org

The International Monetary Fund monitors monetary policy across the world and occasionally steps in to help or to intervene in countries were there are issues of debt and/or inflation.

The Economist - economist.com Excellent magazine which covers economics in its broadest sense with a range of national and international features.

AQA - aqa.org.uk

Direct link to the exam board's specifications and past papers.

World Bank - worldbank.org

The World Bank aids reconstruction adn development in poorer countries across the world.

BBC Economy Tracker - bbc.co.uk

The BBC's excellent overview of the economy with some great information, statistics and charts - perfect for an overview of the economic downturn.

OCR - ocr.org.uk

Direct link to the exam board's specifications and past papers.

Heritage Foundation -


Interesting information and data here on 'economic freedom' and the free market with comparisons of various countries across the world.

Interesting statistics - link



Edexcel - edexcel.com

Direct link to the exam board's specifications and past papers.